Making History...

  • Before

    Aureliano García Sánchez took advantage of the experience of a traditional and ancient sector to establish his company García Ramos in 1950.

  • 1950

    García Ramos presents itself as the first company in technological development of machines for the production of natural stone in the valley of the Almanzora.

  • 1970

    García Ramos develops a new Gang Saws to cut marble blocks.

  • 1970-2007

    Thanks to the construction industry boom a complete range of standard and special machinery is manufactured making García Ramos a referent in the stone field.

  • 2007

    The fastest gang saw is developed with the highest quality criteria.

  • 2013

    Nowadays, we continue developing new systems and high- tech machinery.
    - Artificial vision
    - Robotic line
    - Special machines