2d/3d Project Design

Our technical office provides solutions adapted to demands.

Our  area  of  industrial  design  works  with  processes  adapted  to  demands  or  necessities  about  specific  features  or  specification  of  one  product, process  or  system.

The  concept  of  design  and  development  extends  to products,  processes and  services  offered  by  the  company. Nowadays,  this  department  is  used  as an  external service   for  the  businesses  that need  useful  computer   programs  like  Solidwork,  Autocad  2D or  3D,  Catia ...

  • Engineering and   re-engineering  of processes
  • Study of  technical  viability
  • Design of  adaptation of  the  factory
  • Design of  the  structure
  • Design of  calculations
  • Design of  plans
  • Design of  products
  • Design of  industrial  processes
  • Design of  machinery  
  • Design of  robotic  lines  and   many  others